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Tactical Research by Belleville

Tactical Research by Belleville was created and launched in 2008.

“Tactical Research” is the guiding philosophy behind this brand. Amazing Construction and Materials Used on New Tactical Research Boots Allow for Rugged Use and Long-Lasting Comfort. Law Enforcement and EMT personnel know how new technologies transform conditions in tough environments. So does Tactical Research by Belleville. We’ve adopted state-of-the-art materials to build a boot that has the durability of our traditional Belleville-brand boots with the comfort and style of a running shoe. Part of the reason is our exclusive TR-1 High Performance Insole – a marvel of technology that wicks perspiration away while providing all-day-long comfort. And our boot exterior is built to provide stability on all terrains and to stand up to all the wear and tear that a traditional or emergency experience can dish out.

Tactical Research boots look as advanced as they really are.

Belleville Boot Company

Belleville Boot Company is the oldest continuous supplier of combat boots to the United States military. Founded in 1904, “Bellevilles” have been worn in every U.S. military action from World War I to Operation Enduring Freedom. Globally recognized for engineered quality, reliability, and comfort; Belleville is the premier brand in high performance, Made-in-USA military boots.

Our boots are well designed for the needs of the public safety community. We offer a variety of tactical boots to meet your mission needs whether you’re a police officer, homeland security, EMT or anyone else who needs a top-of-the-line boot. You can choose from a wide selection of colors, designs and styles no matter what the weather, uniform worn or task.

Law enforcement Tactical Boots are a critical tool for completing your operations successfully and safely.

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